Buffalo River Trail Crew

Fall ’22 Wrap-up

Ken’s Krew’s fall ’22 work ended Wednesday October 26th. The weather was mostly good with Tuesday as the only rain-out. We had 3-5 people most of the time with 2 newcomers and logged about 143 volunteer hours.

A couple sections of the BRT/OHT that we’ve maintained in the past were recently adopted so we had a little less to do this time. In addition I learned after the event that 2 other sections we maintained had already been adopted so we can skip those in the future.

A summary of the areas we cleared:

  • Richland Creek crossing, up the stairs, then up the slope to the first switchback
  • Manes Bluff to Love Hensley Rd
  • Blair House to Bear Creek
  • Red Bluff Rd to Little Rocky Creek

Our plans for Phase 4 are on hold until BNR completes updates to their management plan (expected 2024?). We might at least do some hikes through the area to get a better idea of what’s there and those will be announced here.

In the mean time, I’m working on some plans to move to the upper river area to rehabilitate the trail between Boxley and Pruitt. Maybe next fall we’ll be meeting at the Steel Creek campground?


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