Buffalo River Trail Crew

Spring ’23 Wrap-up

Things got off to a wet start with our first work day being rained-out. The four of us at camp decided to do a road trip to visit Ken Smith in Fayetteville. He was pretty glad to get out and go to lunch with us, and is as mischievous as ever.

Turnout was decent, with 7 people staying for the whole session, and 3 people joining us for one day. Returning out-of-state Krew members included 1 from Wisconsin, 1 from southern Illinois, and a couple from the Jefferson City area.

We spent a couple days clearing the trail from US-65 downriver to Zack Ridge Rd. The late January snow and ice left a lot of trees down. Most succumbed to our hand saws but 18-20 big ones are waiting for OHTA or NPS sawyers.

One day was spent on tread repairs downstream from the Red Bluff Rd trail head and the last day downstream of the South Maumee Rd trail head doing a bit of lopping and sight-seeing.


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