Buffalo River Trail Crew

Cutting the Ribbon for Phase 3

An April 25 ribbon-cutting ceremony at Grinders Ferry commemorated the opening of Phase 3 of the BRT – the 28-mile segment between US-65 and AR-14.

Present were representatives of BNR, Ozark Society, Ken’s Krew, Ozark Highlands Trail Association, and Searcy County Chamber of Commerce. Cutting the ribbon are Ken Smith, BNR Superintendent Mark Foust, and Gerhard Laule. Gerhard was part of the crew that started construction of this segment in Oct 2005 and has been continually active with the crew since. He was on-hand for a 2008 ribbon-cutting so it was great that he could be part of this event as well.

Check-out Luke Parsch’s photos from the event.

In related news, the BNR completed acquisition of the infamous “Roberts Tract” from the Buffalo River Foundation in late March.

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